Electronic Shareholder Forum
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In January 2008 the SEC amended the federal proxy rules under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 to facilitate the use of electronic shareholder forums. The ruling encourages companies to embrace electronic shareholder forums as a way to efficiently and cost-effectively communicate with shareholders.

eShareholderForum is the industry’s first and only turnkey solution to help any company with establishing its own company sponsored electronic shareholder forum.

eShareholderForum instantly upgrades any company IR website to an interactive, “Web 2.0” powered IR site.

Key features of eShareholderForum include:

  • Shareholder board (Shareholders can engage in a dialogue with each other and with management about recent company events)
  • Polling (Company can quickly get a pulse on what shareholders are thinking)
  • Ask Management (Gives shareholders the ability to ask questions to management)
  • BLOG (IRO or CEO blog)
  • Complete controls for the IRO/company to ensure the forums don’t deteriorate into typical third party chat rooms

    Additional Resources
    Press release by SEC encouraging use of electronic shareholder forums
    Transcript of speech by SEC Chairman Christopher Cox.
    Video of Chairman Cox’s speech encouraging companies to use electronic shareholder forums